Your Searches Might Be Slow Because The Index Is Not Running

How to setup file indexing

  1. go to your SERVER MANAGER
  2. select FILE SERVICES
  4. put a check mark beside WINDOWS INDEX SERVICE and click NEXT
  5. select the partition(s) you want indexed.  Generally this you will only select drives that contain network file shares and not the Operating System drive.
  6. wait 5 minutes for it to install (on the installs I have done, I have NOT had to reboot, but the installer tells you that it MIGHT request a reboot, so be prepared for that)
  7. After the install is complete you can check your services for WINDOWS INDEX SERVICE to ensure it is STARTED
  8. You may also want to view the indexing progressa and settings by clicking START, typing INDEX and then clicking INDEXING OPTIONS

Your searches on your windows 7 / Vista client, against the Windows 2008 file server will now take less than 3 seconds, which is pretty impressive.

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