VMWare Fusion 7 – Blank screen in Full screen mode

My VM is a Windows 2012 Server which is operational in normal window mode (ie non-full screen mode) but as soon as i switch to Full screen it’s blank.

Note: Make sure that VMWare Tools are installed

Shut down or power off the virtual machine. You cannot change the setting while the virtual machine is powered on or suspended.
1) From the VMware Fusion menu bar, select Window > Virtual Machine Library.
2) Select a virtual machine and click Settings.
3) In the Settings Window, in the System Settings section, select Display.
4) Select Accelerate 3D graphics.

Also remember to check off Use Full resolution for Retina display and Automatically adjust user interface size in the virtual machine.

Alternatively you can click on Make text and other items larger or smaller under Screen Resolution option to reserve the resolve of screen